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Plan Copper Tube Production Process

Inner-Grooved Tube Manufacturing Process

A. Continously Casting and Rolling
Continuously casting and rolling due to melting processes – casting - milling the surface - rolling, these processes form a continuous chain.
Continuous melting and casting is carried out in a single furnace, the material used is copper cathode (Cu min content 99.95%), and waste materials recovered from this line; Casting process using Copper Phosphate alloy (Cu-P alloy) (phosphorus content 13-15%), Cu-P alloy amount: 1.8kg - 1.9kg Cu- P / ton Cu, Cu-P alloys have the function of deoxidizing.
Capacity of melting is about 1 ton/hour. Mother copper tube after casting has the dimensions: the outer diameter is 90mm x thickness 23.5mm.
After the mother tube reaches the specified length (max 19m), it will be cut, the weight of each mother tube is about 890 kg.
The straightening, transferring panel brings the mother tube to the surface milling machine. The shred from surface milling after drying can be re-injected into the melting furnace. The shred from surface milling takes about 4% of the mother tube’s weight.
The mother tube after surface milling will reach the waiting table for rolling step.
The planet-rolling-machine is the center of this production stage. When the mother tube is prepared, it will be fed into the machine to begin rolling. The dimension of copper tubes after rolling is Ø48 ~ 50mm, 2.3 ~ 2.5mm thick, the speed of rolling is about 12 ~ 18m/minute. After rolling, copper tube will be wrapped into coil.
B. Combined drawing
Combined drawing machine is a straight horizontal drawing machine, which straight draws/pulls the tubes. The drawing speed is about 40 ~ 50m/min. The tube after drawing is wrapped into the material cage (diameter 2.2m), preparing for next step on the spinner block machine.
Afer drawing, the dimesion of copper tube is 38mm x 1.75mm.